Sunday 8 May 2011

Five good things

I hope those of you knee deep in mothers day and missing your babies are feeling loved.

The gloom hasn't quite lifted but it's beginning to weigh a little lighter, and happily, I found five good things from the past week.

Your support when I'm feeling the bite of grief and the ache of longing.

A night away.

A new camera.

Being in the right place at the right time for heaps of free tulip and hyacinth bulbs for next year.

New neighbours (mother and two [non-baby/toddler] sons) who aren't noisy, who don't yell at each other from all over the house and who don't want to be our very best friends but are civil and friendly (we're rather anti-social don't you know).

Please join in; what good things found you last week.


  1. Sening big hugs to you, Barbara. xo

  2. Feeling like on some days, the sweet can outweigh the bitter.
    My mum.
    My husband.
    Virtual hugs when they don't always arrive in real life.

    Love to you, Barb. xo

  3. Hot water bottles.
    Flannelette Pyjamas.
    School assessment task done and handed in.
    Inventing a recipe for low fat chicken rissoles.
    Breaking the 30kg weight loss barrier.

  4. My first lonji (of raw mangoes) of the season, and it came out fantastic.

    Feeding a stray dog slices of bread.

    Being able to talk about CheekyBub with DH, and reference her without either of us 'bolting'.



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