Friday, 1 April 2011


Ray had an MRI last week because his Meniere's symptoms are atypical and they wanted to rule out abnormalities and anomalies.

They found a brain but no tumours. Phew.

So, on to more in depth hearing tests and an afternoon in the "dizzy room".

Between the two of us we're gradually making our way through each hospital department. And although we're skipping Oncology thank-you-very-much, we'd really like to visit Maternity again. For happy things... please... dear universe?

Oh, and enough with the worry, mmmkay?


  1. Hi, fingers crossed here for you too. I know this is random unsolicited probably-useless knowledge, but my aunt had been diagnosed with Menieres for years, but it was atypical too. She went to see a new specialist who has now decided it's lupus instead... she had tiny blood clots in the brain causing the dizziness and her deafness was caused by arthritis in the tiny bones of her ears. Among other stuff. I just read "atypical Menieres" and it popped into my head. Sorry, delete if inappropriate x

  2. Whew is right. Thinking of you!

  3. Yes, Universe, take note!!!

  4. Phew! about Ray's all clear- that is a VERY good thing for 5 good things. Alan and I once calculated that there was a solid year where one or the other of us had a doctor's appointment every week. Glad this one brought good news, and hoping for many more good-news appts.



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