Sunday 17 April 2011

Five good things

The absolute awesomeness of you lovely people who know George.

Finishing spring cleaning. Not the cleaning itself, ugh. Which is probably why the spring cleaning is more like a deep clean disinfection process. Hmmm.

Sharing sadness.

A new teacup, just because.

A riot of forget-me-nots in the garden


  1. Going to a meditation class
    An afternoon with a friend
    Hard decisions that teach us about what we want
    A good night's sleep
    suspecting that if I've survived it all for this long, I can keep doing so for a little longer

  2. I have been following your blog for months-You are so talented and you write so beautifully and from the heart. Thank you for sharing.

  3. A new coffee shop in the neighbourhood with very good coffee and a lovely menu to boot.
    Autumn colours and glorious weather to go with.
    Clean nappies hanging on the line in the sun (see above for lovely weather).
    Pasta made from scratch last night with foraged mushrooms.
    Shopping for baby girl clothes with my sister and being able to handle it.

  4. Organizing my lazy heap of clothes, yet again. But I did it.

    DH sending in a giant bar of chocolate. Awesome.

    Realizing that ingesting those micronutrients was not as ick as previously.

  5. Going to a party hosted by a friendly Vietnamese family that love to cook.
    A blog that I can comment on.
    Work when I am broke.
    Dogs that love to be happy.
    Weight going in the right direction (down).

  6. Yay for new teacups! Little things like that are fun :)

    My good things:
    1. Yoga class tonight
    2. It's almost lunch time
    3. Long days at work last week mean shorter days this week can be justified
    4. Feeling well rested
    5. New music to listen to

  7. Love the forget-me-nots so much.


    No more snow!
    New comfy mattress
    Weight going down
    Not working for a few more months

  8. The forget-me-nots are beautiful! ((((hugs))))



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