Sunday, 13 November 2011

Five good things (bad blogger version)

I know, I know, it's been ages. Sometimes I wonder at how fast time speeds by. It really does speed up as you get older you know. Whoosh. Just you wait. Unless of course you are waiting for something important and then it drags along at a mind numbingly snaily slow pace.

So, five really rather good things:

My Dad being mostly ok with a week in a care home while my Mum got some much needed rest.

Taking my Mum out and about to do the things she can't easily do with my Dad.

Booking our wedding ceremony. 19th May 2012. Only 7 months to go!

Finding a most marvellous and, most importantly, very-tight-budget-friendly wedding reception venue since we think May might be a bit chilly for a beach party.

The support of friends.

What good things found you this week? Please join in!


  1. 1. Having a puppy in the house again!
    2. Fall colors
    3. Hot cereal on a cold day.
    4. Lazy Saturday evenings with hubby and the dogs.
    5. House project finally moving along.

  2. Looking at the pictures of your wedding venues.
    Seeing a light at the end of the tunnel on a big work project.
    Gorgeous changing leaves against a bright blue sky.
    Plans for a movie date today.
    3 good nights' sleep in a row.

    Happy to see you back here. Happy to be your friend.

  3. Good to see your mum got some rest, and that your wedding date and venue is decided!

    My good things include:

    All the bonding I have...all the moments with the bub.

    Finding that I love the games on my new cell phone.

    Playing with Z-, and enjoying great chemistry with him.

    Eating the chocolate hubby bought for me....


  4. Finishing not one but two little projects
    Perhaps the best chili pizza we've ever made (and we've made some good chili pizzas)
    First fire in the fireplace (this season)
    Several days of warm weather perfect for outdoor fun and now seasonably chilly (but sunny) weather, which has it's own charm
    My homemade applesauce, canned during a power outage—came out really yummy

  5. Good to hear from you Barb!

    1. Celebrating my dad's 65th birthday
    2. New clothes
    3. An early morning surprise visit from a dear friend
    4. Birthday cake
    5. Lazy Sunday morning

  6. Hearing three very special babyloss people were pregnant all in one week.
    Knowing another very special babyloss friend will give birth to her little boy this week.
    A wonderful day at a community festival yesterday with my lovely little family.
    A 2nd birthday party for a very special little friend on Saturday.
    And my very own little boy's second birthday coming up this Thursday and the excitement and anticipation that comes with that.
    Good news all round at my end.

  7. Happy happy joy joy for good friends..

    That a trip to the ILs was so much better than anticipated (phew!)..

    That the night has cooled off from the day, and the wind has died down (phew!)..

    That it's almost time for Santa to come (ok, mixed feelings on that one, but choosing the good side of it right now!)..

    For no plans to leave the house for at least a few days!!

  8. A snowfall that blanketed the trees - for now, I love it.

    Homemade pea soup (how very French Canadian of me)

    Better nights sleep

    Homemade pumpkin cookies

    Can't wait to see more details of your upcoming weeding - please keep us in the loop! xo

    A lovely long weekend

  9. My little girl.
    My husband.
    My dogs.
    Plans with family for Thanksgiving.
    Every day my friend stays pregnant.
    Popcorn and coke at work.

  10. my two hamsters
    my friends
    my family
    snow and hot tea



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