Tuesday 20 October 2009


One full revolution around the sun.
4 seasons.

It's cold and damp again and my bones have begun to ache in the cold mornings again.

From time to time the sky opens wide and soaks us with cold rain again,
The sea becomes slate grey and except for the hardy the beach is deserted again.
From time to time the sky is bright Wedgwood blue and it is cold and crisp again.
The earth smells rich and damp and sweetly decayed again and the leaves are turning brown and falling from the trees again.

And the earth turns and turns again and again without you.

And another shred is torn from my heart again.

Oh I miss you fiercely little boy. I miss all that you might have been.
I miss the friends you might have made.
I miss the things you would have investigated.
I miss the grand adventures we might have had.
I miss the future that now seems hazy and indistinct.
But mostly, mostly, I just miss my little George.



  1. Barbara and ray,

    You have been held in our hearts all day.

    As I leave now for the beach, there will be no names written tonight. Tonight's sunset is for George and I am going to sit down on the beach and watch it in all its glory.

    My love and peace to you.

    Carly x

  2. i am thinking of you and your beauiful little boy today.
    Happy birthday George. i hope you had a great birthday with lots of cake :-)
    ((hugs)) xxx

  3. Lighting a candle for George. Holding you close today. The world is missing George with you. With much love.

  4. (((((hugs)))))
    Remembering and missing George with you on this special day. I know you miss your boy so much. What wonderful adventures he would have gone on and creepy crawlies he would have found.

    I'll think of your George in his forest today, dancing around with other spirit friends, flitting about and sending out tons of love towards his mama.

  5. Lighting a candle for GEORGE today with thoughts and prayers...

  6. Dear friends, you're in our hearts today. And so is your beloved son, sweet baby George.
    We miss him with you.

  7. Dear sweet Barbara and Ray,
    Today I will be lighting a candle for your precious, beloved George.
    I will never forget your child. I will speak his name. I will miss him with you, as do many others.
    All my love,

  8. Remembering George today and everyday. May you and Ray be surrounded by love today xxxx

  9. Dear Barbara,

    George has a wonderful mum. All the adventure and fun... beautiful pictures of the path you travel. I send you a big hug and am remembering George with you today.

  10. Thinking of you and George today. I wish he was here to explore the world with you.

    Sending love...

  11. Always remembering your little adventurer, George- and wishing you didn't have to remember and could just have him here.

    Love you, Barbara.

  12. This is such a beautiful post. You could not have chosen more perfect pictures.

    I am thinking of you today, and hoping that the pain of missing your perfect son also comes with a touch of hope, a smile or two, and the knowledge that he is watching over you now.

    I wish we'd never met, never had a reason to share this terrible sort of connection, but I'm thankful to know you all the same. Let your heart be heavy today, let your eyes be full of tears, but smile when you remember your son because he is yours forever, and you are his loving mother.

  13. beautiful, barbara. thinking of you and george with all my heart today. xoxo

  14. tears and hugs for you, Ray and George this morning.

    Beautiful pictures and thoughts...

  15. Thinking of you and George. xx

  16. Remembering with you.
    Crying with you.
    Missing your beautiful boy with you.
    How I wish your George were here with you now.

    Much love, Barbara and Ray. Thinking of you all today and every day.

  17. I woke up thinking about your sweet George, and how he should have been here today to celebrate his 1st birthday. Wishing you peace and sending you love today. I remember and miss George with you today and always. xoxo

  18. Thinking of you and your beautiful George today~will be lighting a candle for him tonight. Wishing you a peaceful day Barb. xoxo

  19. Those picture evoke such vivid images for me.

    I know how much you and Ray miss your little George. Remembering him with you guys, for everything he could have been, and what he would have seen.

    Much love.

  20. missing your beautiful boy with you today. perfect post, your writing and imagery is gorgeous.

  21. Your post is such a magnificent tribute to your beautiful boy, George. I have been thinking of you and your Angel....

    Love and strength to you.
    L xo

  22. Thinking of you and Ray as you miss your sweet baby boy, George.
    I am so sorry.
    George, truly beloved. Sending love, comfort, and abiding with you.

  23. This is my first time on your blog. My heart sinks, yet sings as I read the entries. I hope you find peace today.

  24. Thinking of you and Ray.
    Remembering George with you today.

  25. Remembering George with you today x

  26. How I wish my post to you was one of joy on George's birthday. Instead, it's one of quiet reflection, an appreciation of his life and all that he has touched in his brief journey. My heart is sad for you both Barb and Ray and I wish there was something that I could do or say that would make this day less difficult for you both. Please know that George is in my heart, that your precious child is remembered and loved. Sending you both hugs and a wish for peace in your hearts.

  27. Hi, Barbara. I just found your blog when I saw posts about a boy named George on other blogs I've been reading regularly. I don't have much time online so I always wish I could read more babylost mumma blogs. I'm thinking of you and Ray and your sweet boy, George today. We lost our George in May when he was full-term and stillborn. Hope our two little Georges are having a grand time with all their other angel friends today as they celebrate your George's special date. (((Hugs))) to you and I'll light our candle for your George tonight.

  28. Beautiful words and images...a moving tribute to your sweet baby boy. I'm holding you, Ray, and George in my heart and thoughts today.

    I also want to thank you for reaching out to me and commenting on my blog. I've been reading here without commenting, but I'm here and I'm listening and remembering George with you.

  29. Sending you warm thoughts and hugs today as you remember George in your hearts.

  30. Sending my love Barb, sending my thought and love and support to you and Ray. Thinking of your George. xxx

  31. Thinking of you and George


  32. thinking of you and your beautiful son xxx

  33. I am so sorry George is not with you today. It must be so hard so very hard to go through this day without him. Your post speaks of all your unfulfilled dreams and reflects your unconditional love for your George. Hugssssssss. Remembering precious George with you and once again I am so so sorry that he is not with you on this day.

  34. Remembering sweet George with you today. Wishing you love and peace.

  35. Starting and ending my day with thoughts of George. Hope tonight brings you sweet dreams of your precious boy, and of hope to come.

  36. Remembering George on this day and every day. Thinking of you & Ray and holding you in my heart across the sea. much love, Kara's mom.

  37. Remembering George with you... Sending hugs on his first birthday.

  38. What a beautiful post to your son George. I am so sorry for your loss. Please visit me at For Your Tears, I would love to send you a handkerchief to catch all your tears.
    Send me your full name & address.
    My prayer are with you.

  39. Such a beautiful and somber post. Thinking of George and wishing I could hug you.

  40. Beautiful pictures. Heartbreaking post. The year mark is very hard. The second year is a bit easier. I'm thinking of George today. So sorry I missed this day.

    Much love, Lindsay

  41. Thinking of you and Ray much more this week.

  42. What a gorgeous photo-memorial to little George. Thoughts and hugs to you during this hard time.



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