Tuesday, 17 February 2009


My poor poppet has been having a stressfest today. First it was the old laptop refusing to share files no matter what was done and then it was the police helicopter hovering directly overhead for what seemed like hours and the army of police searching the building opposite (I told you there was a serial killer there!) and then it was the new speaker extension wire that was too cheap to carry good sound and then it was our car that still isn't fixed and therefore adds to the general stressiness of the stress.

Lots of swearing, a bit of throwing, calm computer help from his poppet and some yanking of wires later, the laptop is sharing again, the wire is in the bin, the police have left empty handed and without finding the bodies and sadly the car is still broken. Poppet is calm now and breathing normally.


And me? I've been deliberately breathing quite deeply. I don't like it when he's stressed, not that it ever gets aimed at me but it puts me on edge. I like my poppet happy! None of these things matter to me so I've just been supporting and hugging and stopping him from breaking expensive things. The good thing is that when he stresses it comes in a rush and explodes and then it's gone, with maybe just a teeny little sulk left over. With me stress hovers and builds internally until something has to give, usually my health. I think maybe explosions are best. Perhaps I should practice swearing and throwing.

But for now I think we'll just go for a nice relaxing walk/hobble.

And before you go can I ask you to go and see our sweet Carly who needs wrapping up in our support and love right now.


  1. What did I do to cross paths with you beautiful Barbara?

    Ray..... calm down, have a drink :)

    So much love to you both x

    P.S The police army.... yeah that was me I called the cops on the serial killer. LOL

  2. Serial killers & car troubles sound like a bad combination. You haven't lost the humour so much love to you.

  3. "stressiness of the stress." Sorry, but that made me laugh.

    That GUY is up to something!

    It is these stupid mundane things that make us stressed, isn't it? But being there for each other helps to dissipate it.

  4. Sorry for the stressfest, Ray is lucky to have your support.

  5. You've convinced me- he really is a serial killer.

    Hope today is a lot more unstressy.



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