Saturday, 1 August 2009


For Sarah, Sally and Carly.
Three beautiful women who touched my heart at the beginning of this journey of loss.

Wishing you love.

Wishing you peace.

Wishing you happiness.

Wishing you a safe and utterly boring pregnancy from now on.

And don't forget to share the pregnancy vibes around!


  1. I love the new layout, it is pretty. I think I need lessons in how to add all these buttony things and so on. But for the moment. George's footprints have just broken my heart all over again. Sweet boy. I'm so sorry.

    What beautiful photographs. And I can only echo your message to those three wonderful women.

    I wish all three of you utterly boring, uneventful pregnancies, happiness, love and peace. xx

  2. Aw Barbara. What can I say? Just thank you a thousand times.
    And sending bucket loads of boring pregnancy vibes across the globe to you. My brother is in the UK now, and I did send some over with him as well. So I'll make sure he gets them to you safe and sound.
    And yes, your blog is very PRETTY and I love it. But I will always read here, no matter what it looks like.

  3. Gorgeous, Barbara. What a loving and beautiful wish.

    Love the new layout.

  4. Your new template is phenomenal...Beautiful work here..

    And super congratulations to the three ladies...hope they have their rainbow...

    And dear B! Good Luck to you!

  5. You sweetie!

    PS - If you get more pregnancy vibes then you need, can I have left overs?


  6. I'm with you on wishing them safe and boring pregnancies and spreading pregnancy vibes for those seeking.

    Love the new layout, P.S.

  7. good layout! Practical and lovely looking, I like it better cause i can see everything without sideways scroll (happens when you have a 12 inch)

    pregnancy vibes on the way (double dose cause I'm not ttc as I'm 1000 miles from husband these days...) so i have plenty spare.

    xx Ines

  8. I love the new layout! Especially George's feet at the top. So beautiful.

  9. Aw Barbara...thanks! I continue to send you the pregnancy vibes daily... A boring pregnancy...exactly what I wish too!

  10. Barb,

    You have the biggest heart ever. LIKE EVER.

    Sometimes I feel as though I am salt in the wounds of all my lovely friends who are trying to conceive. It has quietened me in comment land. As I feel like I am hogging all the cake at a childrens birthday party when everyone else is only asking for one small piece.

    Up until today I have been umming and ahhing about putting up a section on my baby blog for ladies who are trying to conceive. I thought it was a great idea at first and then I thought some people may not want lots of pregnant women at their blog.

    After seeing your blog today I am going to put up something on my sidebar.

    I love you Barb and I am always praying and wishing for a baby to come into your lives.

    Thank you xxxxx for everything. x

    P.s I am so glad that someone changes their blog look just about as much as me.... love the new one by the way and Georges and Christian's foot prints are so similar in size. Tiny Lives that have left a huge imprint and impact on our own lives x



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