Monday, 17 August 2009

Facial readjustment needed

I popped into town alone today (in itself a feat of derring-do) and obviously had a vaguely panic stricken look to my face as when I came to pay for my disinfectant, silver polish, super glue, milk and bread (I have an exciting shopping list, no?) the shop assistant said,

"Cheer up luv, it might never happen."

"Oh it's already happened, it already has"

And with that, I gathered myself and my shopping together and trundled off, leaving the lady at the checkout with her own newly bemused expression. Walking home I stared into windows trying to catch sight of the face that looks as if something might happen.


  1. I would like Great News to happen to you!!

    Got that, Universe?

  2. i apparently have a face that elicits the question, "what's wrong?"
    except in my case it's always people i know, which always just pisses me off. really, what the hell do they think i'm upset for? *sigh* what can you do?

    sending love, christy

  3. Hoping with you.

  4. I am wishing more than anything for good to happen to you! Wishing, thinking, hoping & believing!!!

  5. Yay for derring-do!

    But I think the next person foolish enough to say that to me might just regret it. Like Christy, I've obviously just got one of those faces that looks upset in repose. But I will feel the need to grab them, sit them down and tell them the whole story. In detail. Then at least they will probably never let that annoying beyond all reason phrase pass their lips again.

    Hoping for all good things for you. xo

  6. I have that face, too- never used to. I hope the expression on yours has good reason to change soon.

  7. Sending only the best vibes of health, happiness, beauty, love and all things most wonderful to you!

  8. After the loss of our son, my husband always asks what can be worse than what happened to us...and then goes off fearlessly strengthened by the belief that life cannot be any worse than what it has been.

  9. I'm back and catching up. Hoping so hard with you.



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