Thursday, 27 August 2009

Optimism shmoptimism

No I'm not quite there yet but the hormonal tears have dried up for now and I've been distracting myself by making bracelets.

I'm putting them up for sale in the next couple of days (hint). They are well and truly one of a kind, never to be repeated originals! (how am I doing with the sales talk?) They are made from recycled sterling silver chain, sheet and beads. I'm going to make a little "signature tag" to attach to them tomorrow to complete them. Well, not quite complete because they haven't been stamped with names, dates or messages yet!

Your opinions please!

On this one, the round tag says hope and the rectangular tag says peace, the heart is covered in love. The stones are onyx.

This one has a cut out rose that I originally made 20 years ago (!!!) as earrings! There is a leaf charm, a spiral charm and an amber charm.

I changed one of the stones on this, the first one I made. Moonstone and rose quartz. the round tag says hope and the heart says love.

This evening I feel satisfied that I can indeed create something.
(insert that-smily-that-has-a-lopsided-slightly-ironic-smile here)

PS does any one have a lucky fertility monitor that they don't need (whoop for you!) any more? Will pass it on when it's done it's job for me.

Oh, and I'm mostly ok. Thank you all for your messages of support and hugs. They are very much appreciated. Very much indeed.


  1. They're gorgeous, Barb. I love them for obvious reasons. And because they are made by you. If I had the money, I'd buy them all now! Greedy me!
    Thinking of you lots and lots.

  2. They are beautiful, Barb. I love the bottom one best,but they are all gorgeous. That rose is stunning.

  3. these are so lovely! i keep browsing your stuff and know i will make a purchase soon. i just can't decide what i want! glad you are finding a creative outlet...

  4. Those are absolutely beautiful... As an fyi, did you know that moonstone is (duh) the sign of the Mother stage (full) of the moon and that rose quartz is a stone associated with fertility? Reading your description I couldnt help but see that in the bracelet...

  5. Absolutely gorgeous. Sending hugs as always

  6. Oh I love the stones Barb! Have I ever told you how about my collection of stones!!

    Moostone symbolizes the woman and fertility (My Favourite) and Rose Quartz symbolizes self healing and self love, what a perfect combination.

    I recently lost the stone from my favourite moonstone ring and my sister-law not even knowing that gave me a moonstone carved into the shape of an angel for my birthday - I AM A LUCKY GIRL!

    Barb your jewelery is absolutely one of a kind!

    Love love love x

  7. The bracelets are lovely and you are wonderfully creative. I'm late in sending you some hugs, so I'll send two ((((((Barb)))))) (((((((peace))))))

  8. I love them, you are an amazing artist.

  9. So preeety! They are all great, but I love, love the bottom one. I want it. I've got to get Tim to reactivate the credit card so I can do some online shopping!

    I didn't know you already did the Honest Scrap thing. How about telling us 10 interesting things about George instead of you?

    And thanks so much for your comment on my bean. The pictures actually don't do her justice at all. She didn't just take my breathe away, even the labour and delivery nurses were quite smitten. She was the talk of the hospital the night she was born. If know. xo

  10. your creations are beautiful!

  11. I loved the cut rose one. Its beautiful. I couldnt stop staring at it. Its really beautiful and creavtive. YOu are very talented




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