Sunday, 9 August 2009

Dear universe

You are really starting to push your luck you know. There's only so much pain and loss you can dish out before something has to give.

I'm wagging my finger at you. Don't think I won't start shouting obscenities and shaking my fist.

I may even have to count to ten.

One more chance, and I'm giving you advance warning this time so there's no excuse. You have three, maybe four days to smarten up, get your act together and make things happen.


I mean it.


  1. You have reached the divine answering machine.

    To crib, press #1.
    To give thanks, press #2.
    To yell and shout, press #3.
    For laundry, press #4.
    To complain about unheard prayers, press #5.
    To....are you still listening to the answering machine message?

    Hang Up and get going. I am there with you anyways.

  2. hi. i just wandered over to your blog and had to drop a line. in february i lost my daughter at exactly 20 weeks. (preterm labor, uterine polyps, no viability)

    i've nestled into the babyloss blog community, and loss is loss - BUT - i haven't come across many other mommies with midtrimester losses, or such early losses that are also "births". so i just wanted to say hello and i'm here and i feel you.


  3. Hear, hear! I am completely backing you up on this, and will promptly stop returning the Universe's phone calls if it doesn't get its act together. Thinking of you always.

  4. Um, if you get a hold of them, I have some complaints too. Keeping fingers crossed for you, Barbarba. xo

  5. Dear B, if it comes to a pub clearing brawl (which the universe OBviously started), just know I got yer back.

  6. Dear Universe
    Please give Barbara a break.
    Love Sally

  7. is there anyway that we can all rally together and boycott the universe until it gets its act together? i'm pretty damn pissed at it too. it needs to start dishing out better results or i'm done with it. hmph.



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