Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Drawing on the collected wisdom of the sisterhood

So, dear ladies, I am off to see the ob/gyn again tomorrow, after popping in to have my blood taken to test my iron levels at Dr Compassion's surgery. What fun.

I had a general moan at Doctor Compassion on monday about my age and trying to conceive (and failing) and my growing paranoia concern that something might not be working and he whipped out his computer to see how long I would have to wait for an appointment (we're talking NHS [national health service] here, I had to wait 7 weeks for a podiatry appointment) and lo and behold wednesday was available. I was thinking of waiting another couple of months but hey ho.

So, any suggestions on what I should ask? I do want to know what the evilfibroids are doing because they seem to be twisting and tugging at something but apart from that what should/could I suggest? I'm not sure I'm ready for anything like clo.mid yet but as for testing, I'm open to almost anything!

Of course going back to the maternity unit, to the same floor I delivered George on for only the second time since we lost him might just leave me in an incomprehensible heap of tears on her floor, but I suppose she's used to that so I won't worry about making a fool of myself (or wear too much dark eyeliner).


  1. You could ask for an HSG to check your tubes (it sucks but at least lets you now that both tubes are working). You could also ask for cycle monitoring, where you go in every other day of your cycle to see what is going on with your uterus, etc (bloodwork and ultrasound)

  2. I don't know what to ask... but I will say that you should expect some real feelings to surface when you are back there. You may surprise yourself and not fall apart, but the rest of the day will probably be a tough one for you, so take it easy and splurge on something small to make you smile.

    I'm glad you're being aggressive about your health. It is so hard when you lose your first because you're then so terrified that it might never happen for you. As long as you keep going to the doctor, getting things checked and staying on top of your reproductive health, you are giving yourself the best possible chance.

    No matter what, I am thinking of you!

  3. I don't know what to suggest but am thinking of you and sending love and support. xoxo

  4. that's really good news!

    I guess you better write your ideas down, esp since that floor might turn your brain to mush!


    thyroid function (free T3 and T4)

    were you checked for clotting issues? anticardiolipin etc?

    do you do basal body temps? if so, take in your charts (I say this only so you don't forget!!)

    hope the doctor has lots of ideas of his own.

    good luck tomorrow!

  5. How about:

    How long should you wait before taking more aggressive measures, like clom.id?

    What other options would your doctor recommend for you?

    That's all I can think of right now. Definitely write down all of your questions and make a plan for a follow-up appointment while you are there.

    Best of luck!

  6. I imagine it will be very difficult to go back to that place - I'll be thinking of you!

    Have you had an ultraound recently because of your fibroids? (Sorry, I can't remember.) If not, I'd ask for one just to see what all is going on down there.

    Also consider an HSG, which will also give you a look at your uterus and tubes.

    Maybe also a blood test to test FSH levels.

    Best of luck. I'm glad you're getting in so quickly.

  7. This is going to be quick, so pardon the tone as I rattle off every test I have ever had or can think of that might be helpful:

    HSG to make sure that fallopain tubes and uterus are clear, 3-day FSH levels to check on ovarian reserve, TSH, homocysteine levels (to check for possible clotting problems), semen analysis for Ray (don't worry- quick and painless, to say the least!),ultrasound and possibly a sonohistogram to check for previously undetected scarring that might affect implantation, blood test at day 14-16 (the doctor will know exactly when) to confirm ovulation...

    And chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. Like, immediately.

    Fingers crossed and lots and lots of love.

  8. That was, of course "fallopian" tubes. Can only attribute my original spelling to my current state of mind!

  9. Everything the other girls already said. I know I had blood tests in the latter half of the cycle to confirm ovulation, check prog levels and stuff. Be as agressive as you can be. We're gunna get you a baby Barb. A brand new beautiful baby.

  10. Again, agree with everyone else Barb. And I also understand you saying not being ready to take steps towards ART (assisted reproduction) because that's also how I felt. My obgyn wanted me to go straight to IVF as she was concerned that every month was shortening our chances (yeah great as if I'm not totally aware of that!), but I wasn't ready for IVF. I'd already been charting (BTT's and OPK's) for nine months and despite the obgyn telling me all about how low the chances are with other ARTs I chose to start at the bottom of the ladder and work my way up. So, yeah, started with an OI (ov. induction cycle) of clomid which didn't work, but at least meant my cycle was monitored and follies checked etc, and now have moved into three months of iui... after that well let's not talk about it (you have my blog it's there!).
    Do whatever you have to, and whatever you're comfortable with. But yes, I reckon a tracking cycle or two would be a really good starting point so that you know exactly what is happening in that body of yours!


  11. stopping by from LFCA

    I concur with what all the other ladies have mentioned. And I really encourage you to write them down. I know when I'm sitting in front of a white-coated-medical-professional I tend to get a bit intimidated, and without questions I wouldn't get half the things done that I needed to. Good luck!



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