Sunday, 1 August 2010

Five good things

It's been hard to find five good things this past week.

I found myself feeling unbelievable irritated at everything, and most especially at my clumsy fingers.
I have developed a sort of typing-dyslexia and I just cannot spooll aynthnig correctly.

And then I realised that, duh of course, it's only a post-miscarriage pms-esque hormone rampage.
I have had the cramps from hell for 4 days. If I am going to have a period I wish it would flipping well START. In fact HOW DARE my body get itself back to "normal" so quickly and efficiently 4 weeks after losing Little Poppet. Why can't it be as efficient at keeping my babies alive.

And then someone ripped the (always carefully folded in) drivers side wing mirror from our car on an apparent whim.

Oh and a chin full of spots.

You may at this point be detecting just a teeny weeny tiny smige of anger. Five good things? Really?


Five GOOD things from the last week:

Going out on that date, picking the perfect place to eat and then walking barefoot on the sand.

A large piece of chocolate cake. All. To. My. Self.

My darling scratching my itchy back last thing at night.

Flea treatment that worked (not for us humans: that's not why I was itchy).

Unexpected emails that made me smile.

I have decided to post my five good things every sunday.
What are your good things this week?


  1. Bless. Your. Heart.

    So much...and still finding blessings.
    I'm inspired and humbled.

    Husband coming home from travel for the weekend.
    Good friends from out of state visiting and enjoying.
    Cold feeling a bit better.
    Cleaned out the office this week.
    Furry dogs who take full advantage of the bed when daddy's gone.


  2. Hmm...difficult week but you did inspire me to think.

    -Support group on Wednesday.
    -School stuff taken care of.
    -Bought myself "two" new dresses and look fabulous in both.
    -Saw a really good friend on Saturday.
    -Good news from friend whose baby is in the hospital.

    Thank you....take care.

  3. Ooh- tough week for me, too. The grouchies have hit here with full force. But since you asked:

    Shakespeare in the Park with a dear friend.
    An amazingly generous offer from the same dear friend.
    Making my grandmother laugh yesterday.
    Watching the sun set over the water.
    The discovery that if you pour iced mint tea over green-tea ice cream and swish it around, amazingly yummy things happen.

  4. *Daffodils blooming out the front of my house.
    *Cold rainy nights when you have a tin roof.
    *Yum cha for lunch yesterday.
    *Long walk with my sister on Saturday. Finally got my heart rate up - actually felt like I was working out!
    *Finally sorting our finances out and doing a fortnightly budget - boring I know, but it has been on my to do list for about three years. Or more!

    Good on you for coming up with yours in such a tough week.

  5. I know that feeling of 'body betrayal' intimately! I am sorry that you're in these moments ~ the weeks after our loss kept getting harder not easier for some time.

    But you are an inspiration, and although I don't think a lot of 'good' happened, I will try and find it from this past week.

    ~Went on a date with hubby (then had migrane and left dinner date to go home) Wait, something good...UM ~ got to sleep for 15 hours.
    ~Had a couple people decide they like my work and ordered a painting.
    ~Eating out on Sat morning (kid threw up and we took it to go). NOT having luck with eating out this week.
    ~Laughed with friends
    ~Have kids want to cuddle with me in the morning.

  6. (((hugs)))

    - had a wonderful romantic weekend
    - went skinny dipping!
    - gathered a bag of clothes to donate
    - had gluten free pizza at a pizza place
    - mani pedi

    Thank you for reminders to think of good things. I hope this coming week is easier on you.

  7. What? My comment has gone missing?

  8. Ummm..trying it again...

    Five things that made me tick...

    --eggs for dinner plus a homemade broth
    --crossing my first trimester
    --being able to finish a unit on schedule in class
    --making notes of a paper that is coming around August end
    --expectations for my mother's visit next week...

    Hope things turn for better in the days ahead for you...

  9. - new house in the country (even if still a mess)
    - recent visit with sisters
    - discovering multiple local yoga studios
    - a mountain hike
    - new door and privacy wall in my bedroom

    thinking of you barb. if you get absolutely sick of waiting for your period, try a big handful of fresh parsley simmered in 4-5 cups of water for 30-40 minutes. then strain and drink the liquid over the period of several hours. this is my fail-safe on the months when i am spotting, spotting, spotting, cramping, cramping, waiting, waiting. usually gets it going by the next am. much love. xo

  10. Kudos on finding so many positives. I find it hard to remember the positive, I guess that means I focus on the negative.

    I've got one: Triple S came back from his business conference safe and sound!

  11. Thanks for reminding me to focus on the's mine:

    lovely day at the beach with husband and dog
    hot summer weather
    doggie kisses
    long weekends
    fried egg sandwiches

    Thinking of you lots, Barb and sending love.

  12. I ate a really good lemon bar today.
    My husband rubbed my foot for me.
    Lots of butterflies on my butterfly bush.
    Loving snuggles.
    Easy work schedule.



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