Thursday, 5 August 2010

When you wish you hadn't wished for the thing you wished for

I foolishly wished my period would just start already and...

Lo, the gods of menstruation chuckled evilly, "Ha, now she wishes to menstruate does she? Behold, let the floodgates open... Muahahahahahah" *thunderlightning*

Oh lordy I haven't had a gusher like this since my teenage years. Three days of H.E.A.V.Y which is hopefully beginning to ease off now.

Yesterday I mentioned to Ray that menopause might be quite relaxing compared to this and he gave me quite a look...


  1. I'm so sorry for the insult to injury....constantly thinking of you....

  2. i hope it stops soon. thinking of you.

  3. i'll take it as a positive sign that the next cycle will be a good one !!

    And your title made me laugh about a little thing that happened today - I started going to the YMCA gym this week. I like the water aerobics class because all he ladies are very chatty. But when I work out in the gym there is noone to talked to. So last night I told Triple S "I wish i could talk to someone while working out" Well, today some old guy talked and talked and I couldn't work out! (He had me block into one machine and I don;t even know what he was talking about!)

    just a silly story...

  4. I have had similar thoughts about menopause.

    Sorry you got your wish and then some.

  5. Actually, I think I will be a much less crazy meopausal lady than I am a menstruating lady, for many reasons.

    Sending hot water bottles and love.

  6. I think only chocolate and a great big hug and lots of love may help...




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