Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Writing with coloured ink

Oh goodness sometimes it is so difficult to think good thoughts instead of drifting off into a haze of sad bad scary memories.

We're about to finish decorating the back bedroom that would have been George's bedroom, that would have been Little Poppet's bedroom but will inevitably turn back into a general storage, junk room and cat bedroom.

Part of me doesn't want it finished but just left as an empty stripped room but most of me wants it tidy and clean so we can move on to our bedroom.

We're I'm planning on a nice pale turquoiseyduckeggbluey colour for the walls to replace the dingy yellowy gold blah wallpaper and new neutral carpet to replace the dark green (why oh why?) carpet that is impossible to hoover (vacuum).

Perhapse changing the colour of our environment will change the colour of our mood.

I don't keep a diary or journal as such except for an old fil.o.fax that kept track of my cycles and symptoms but I do keep odd notebooks full of scribbles, notes, sketches and half written blog posts. I have always used black or blue ink and the pages suddenly seem sombre and melancholy.

So I have loaded my fountain pens with chocolate brown, claret, torquoise blue and orange inks (I like fountain pens) and I am starting to write in colour.

Brute force colour therapy?


  1. I've been working with colour pens (and thread), too.

    Nobody knows but some might guess that each and every single one of those butterflies I made has a name, George, Poppet, Christian, Iris, Georgina, Maya, Lucy, Lyra, Fionn... they were a labour of love in more than one way.

  2. I'm impressed with the fountain pen.....

    and the colors for the walls and the ink all sound good!

  3. Coloured ink and soothing paint for the walls sound very therapeutic!

  4. I love the concept of brute force therapy...that's how things feel a lot of the time, isn't it? By hook or by crook, the insistence to press on.

    Such strength and inspiration in you...

  5. absolutely, barb. whatever it takes. i am a huge fan of painting and rearranging furniture -i think it does help, even if it's just tricking our brains for a little while. right now doing pale yellow paint and deep purple curtains in our bedroom. but love that duck eggy blue! xo

  6. Change, when it is in bits and pieces and as you see fit, is good. Color therapy is good too. I guess if it is hard to see the world in color then a good way to change that is by coloring it yourself.

    Much love to you.


  7. Heck yeah, brute force color therapy!

    Your plan for the back bedroom sounds so pretty! Photo's please!

    I'm sorry George and Little Poppet are not inhabiting the back bedroom. (((hugs)))



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