Sunday, 15 August 2010

Five good things

Making bean burgers from scratch and not forgetting they were in the oven and thus burning them which is what I did with the last batch a while ago... in fact just the urge to cook something other than things-in-boxes-from-the-freezer feels like quite a good thing.

Having my hair played with.

Not being run off the road on a roundabout by the woman changing from the outside to inside lane when she shouldn't and then getting all angry and sticking fingers up in the air at us innocent travellers just because she scared herself/was driving badly/thinks she owns the road/got lost and forgot to look out for other cars.

Driving on the moors in the rain.

A lovely Sunday lunch out with my Ray and my Mum and Dad.

What good things found you this week?


  1. i'm about to eat a home-made beanie burger for my (rather late) tea.

    yay to not being run off the road!

    i've somehow not ended up with -£300 in my current account. i never normally have that amount, but we've had a bad month. i'm celebrating that fact.

  2. A cleaned out garage AND car!

    Fresh peach pie!

    Cooler weather leading to beautiful days!

    FINALLY getting an appointment at the Apple/Mac store tomorrow.

    Continuing to be able to find good things!


  3. Being told that we were the cool uncle and aunt by our visiting nephew(not good thing- being told this in spite of the fact that "you guys are my parents' age". Mom is 50, Dad 51. Oy.)

    The possibility of a change in my work responsibilities.

    A wonderful catchup brunch with a dear old friend.

    Only 2 more weeks until vacation.

    A good, loving week with Alan.

  4. Falling in love with the cranberry-walnut granola bars that my mother brought for me.

    And discovering that the odd bomb in my bowel was just gas and not diarrhoea (Sorry, TMI).

    Belly Rubs.

    Great Tomato Soup I made for the first time and it came out smashing.

    A lovely family dinner on Friday night.

    Take Care, B!

  5. Getting back to a routine after a crazy week off celebrating my parents' 60th Wedding anniversary.
    Roundabouts are not for the weak of heart for sure, make Los Angeles freeways seem quite "tame" in comparison.
    Best Always to you and Ray, dear Barbara

  6. A wonderful list.

    a trip to the zoo
    swimming with Triple S and Beanie
    bison burger for dinner last night
    a kind volunteer at work

  7. your 5 good things are helping me to remember to notice the "brighter" and not just the "dark" of this life. I am supposed to start each day with curiosity and end it with gratitude (per recent therapy session).

    Lets see...
    Can I start tomorrw????



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