Monday, 26 July 2010

Five good things

No spotting since yesterday.

Being asked out on a date by Ray.

Watching him try to save an injured pigeon.

Sleeping all night long without chemical intervention and without nightmares.

Feeling as if I want to paint.

I think I might try this every week until I don't have to look for the good things.

What are your good things?


  1. I love this focus on the positive. It might help you through the darker days. My five?

    Good family
    Good friends
    A job, little though it might pay
    The world's most supportive husband
    A safe place to live

  2. Bless your grateful that you were able to get some sleep.

    I am thankful for:
    My husband
    My miracles
    My faith
    My hope
    My hope for others


  3. I hope you get to paint Barb.

    Right now my good things are

    My bar of chocolate
    My hot chocolate (with marshmallows)
    My bed socks
    My comfy pillows
    My insanely awesome quilt cover

    Love you x

  4. My good things:

    A break in the relentless heat and humidity
    A good book, and several in reserve
    Getting a dinner break at work tonight
    The possibility of a vacation in a month or so
    Getting emails from a few dear friends

    And, of course, my friend Barbara.

  5. This blog.
    Knowing I'm not alone.

    Good to see you back.

  6. This is a good practice, especially today for me, when I can think of the bad things so easily.

    Good thing:
    sleeping baby in the next room, who got a bunch of shots today so wasn't feeling so great :(

  7. I love your list of good things Barb!

    My good things are:
    being in love
    stormy weather
    snuggly pajama pants
    had many moments of peace today
    a wonderful reminder to think about happy things :)

  8. Hello love,

    what a wonderful list - good to see you!

    My people
    My warm bed
    My mad animals
    Lindt chocolate
    My friends who know what its like...

  9. Dear B, I feel for you.

    My good things...

    Baby K,
    Anticipating my mother's visit
    Thinking of shopping timelines
    Good TV



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