Sunday, 8 August 2010

Five good things

A day out exploring
Getting my lovely old fountain pen back from being fixed
Crisp clean cotton sheets on our bed
Rummaging at the boot sale and finding bargains
Taking the time to smell each and every one of the beautifully scented roses on George's rose bush

What good things did you find this week?


  1. I love your last one.

    For me:
    Sitting in the sun in our yard with our labradour by my side.
    Afternoon sun low in the sky shining softly into our living area.
    DH arriving home after a weekend alone.
    Hearing about my sister's amazing adventure in Borneo.

  2. Slightly longer days - spring is coming.
    Unexpected people remembering Hope, with her birthday coming up next week.
    Lunch with family.
    Also clean sheets!!
    The double choc pecan brownies I baked yesterday. Wish I could send you a batch.

  3. Your list sounds really good.

    An acknowledgment of Serenity
    Mexican take out - no cooking and no dishes!
    Having a chance to mow the grass and whack the weeds
    Taking Bea swimming for the first time
    I lost a few more pounds this week!

    Here's to next week!

  4. Clean sheets sound wonderful. We, sadly, do not have them. But here's what I do have this week:

    Watching two people who have been through a lot get happily and meaningfully married yesterday.
    Making it back to the gym after a week.
    A nice afternoon hanging pictures on the wall of my office with my friend/business partner.
    Making plans to get away on vacation.
    Ending a complicated week in a good and loving place with Alan.

    I've been noticing things to be grateful for this week thanks to you. So thanks for that!

  5. Yay for smelling the roses! And for shopping bargains!

    My list:
    Seeing an original musical at my favorite local theater.
    Getting back on the elliptical now that my broken knee has healed.
    Spending time with friends.
    Not having a million new emails at work after a 3 day weekend.

  6. oh, the roses.... lovely. your lists are amazing, barb. xo

    finally getting around to that three-day detox diet
    hiking and biking with hubby
    having six more whole days before i have to start work again
    the glimmer of a new sofa in my future

  7. What a beautiful list!!!

    Mother-in-law made a divine peach pie.
    Went out on the boat with the niece and nephews and it was a lovely day.
    John's home from travel for a while.
    Snuggles with my Goldens in the morning.
    We had some rain this week!!!


  8. You're an inspiration, honey.

    And you've reminded me to change my sheets :)




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