Sunday, 22 August 2010

Five good things

Finally getting the money owed to us by the gover.nment.

Finally planning a few days away somewhere... anywhere.

Buying (expensive) shoes that accomodate my poor flat, arthritic feet that don't make me look like I'm heading off for a walk in the woods (Not that there's anything wrong with a walk in the woods, I just wanted something "prettier" to wear when I'm not planning on walking in the woods).

Driving through really low clouds (ok maybe technically it was fog but it felt like clouds).

Putting our big poofy duvet on the bed, even though it's not quite cold enough, just for the pleasure (mine) of burrowing down in it and getting cosy.

What good things did you find this week?


  1. I love that you're keeping this up. For me...

    1. Reaching the halfway point in my weight loss.
    2. Counting down the days to seeing my parents for a week.
    3. Finally a break in the super heat.
    4. Spending time on Skype with loved ones.
    5. Getting super cute, super cheap shoes to go with a new dress.

  2. Thanks again for inspiring us to think about the positives in life...

    A few hours at a day spa with a good friend!

    Two is better than none!

  3. Enough rain to give the gardens a good watering but not so much there's more flooding.

    A delicious Greek salad.

    Purging things from the garage (finally).

    A new week and a fresh start.

    Inspiring people!!!

  4. A heartwarming moment with a dear friend.

    The unexpected gift of tickets to hear my favorite band in November.

    Crossing things off the to-do list.

    The possibility of a better work situation.

    And, finally... clean sheets on the bed!!

    So glad the gov't money came through- hope this means a getaway is just around the corner.

  5. A vision that my mother shared with me.

    Great Pizza on Sunday.

    Awesome amount of Rain.

    Watched 'Up' last night and loved it.

    Some easing up of work-related stress.

    I am glad you got the money back!

    Heal well, B!


  6. Thank you for inspiring me to take inventory of the good things in my's hard to see past the tears sometimes.



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