Sunday, 31 July 2011

Five good things

Nurse Ray and his thumb bandaging skills.

A lovely late sunday lunch out with the in-laws.

Enthusiastic kittehs eating their raw chicken with gusto.

10 lengths of the pool without spluttering exhaustion.

Our very first potato crop.

Please join in. What good things found you last week?


  1. A long-awaited break in the heat.
    Chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven.
    A nice morning with a friend.
    Being told something by my boss that I sincerely hope is true.
    Finally making plans to get out of town for the weekend.

    Glad that finger allows for some typing!

  2. A reminder from you to find the happy things.
    My new house.
    I have baby tomatoes!!
    I'm learning to dehydrate.
    And maybe, just maybe I've thwarted my Soda addiction...again!

    (Uh, jealous of your potatoes! Had a meager garden this year and its already done producing everything except tomatoes.)

  3. Warm weather in winter.
    Husband cooking me sticky, fudgey, gooey chocolate pudding right now!
    An August that might not be all bad news this year.
    A haircut, finally.
    Two visits to the cemetery in one week, after having not been for months. I feel better about things now.

    ps: nice work on the spuds!

  4. Running two days in a row (getting back to doing 3 miles)
    Making my garden look like a garden again, instead of an overgrown field of weeds
    Cut flowers in the house from the garden
    Wine and cheese evening around the fire pit last night (love my neighbors)
    Taking it slow this morning after a long, crazy, hectic day yesterday



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