Monday, 4 July 2011

Five good things

Not falling apart, at least not completely, on the anniversary of losing Little Poppet. Not that falling apart would have been bad per se, but I'm quite glad I didn't.

My Mum receiving a carers grant to join a health club (in the hotel next door to her) and us swimming in a nearly empty indoor pool, relaxing in the jacuzzi, having the sauna to myself and a nice lunch afterwards while my Dad is taken out by a very lovely volunteer to play snooker.

Tea for two in the sun by the sea.

Loads of ebooks on my mac waiting (or not waiting - read 4 since last Sunday) for my new ereader when I can buy one because I have decided that I really really neeeed one. and app.le ci.der vin.egar: A dab of the former on the paw cures fur balls and stops kittehs who throw up their dinner immediately after eating it.  And the latter mixed with water cures rusty tears from the other kitteh who stains the bed.

Please join in: what good things found you last week?


  1. Thinking of you and beautiful Little Poppet. I always admire your ability to find the good in life. May your day be peaceful~

  2. Thinking of you, Barbara and sending love. xo

  3. Very glad to read of your five good things this week.

  4. Always glad to hear your voice here. Glad there are 5 good things this week. Here are mine:

    Dinner with a friend, minus his pesky wife.
    A lovely thank-you note from a student.
    Getting one class out the door and welcoming the next one, all with minimal chaos.
    Yellow dal and garlic naan.
    Hearing my grandmother's lovely memories of my grandfather, her husband of almost 64 years.

    Love to you.

  5. Continued hugs to you and Ray. And loving remembrance of Little Poppet.

    - watching a great movie with DH.
    - receiving news about the baby's progress.
    - wrapping up as per plan several things at work.
    - secret joy: knowing I was gossiped about and not whetting the byte appetite of curious colleagues.

  6. Hugs to you for Little Poppet's anniversary.

    Five good things:

    Spending the past week with my family

    Days at the beach soaking up sun and ocean rhythms

    Our July 5th scallops and steak tip dinner

    The strawberry sorbet I made before we left and just ate now

    Getting ready to sleep in my own bed tonight!



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