Sunday, 10 July 2011

Five good things

Finding the joy of reading again. It's been a while.

Some idiot not looking where he was going, not indicating and driving into our car as we passed where he was parked. The good bit? Nobody was hurt and the car only suffered a ('nother) minor scratch.

Some idiot smashing the drivers side mirror as he pulled out in front of us to pass a pedestrian and then almost missed us as he swerved back in. The good bit? He didn't hit us head on and we only need to spend £12 on a replacement glass, not £50 on a new unit.

The (often fleeting) ability to find the good when circumstances conspire to make the bad shine brightest.

Four years and three days with my Poppet (7/7/07).

Please join in: what good things found you last week?


  1. Oh, we got a side mirror smashed a few weeks ago, and it was a bit more than that to replace- lucky you, but sorry for the dents and dings.

    My good things:
    A successful new intern orientation
    The fact that one of the new interns bakes
    A nice walk on the High Line (google it- it's my new favorite New York thing)
    Finding a Malaysian restaurant in our neighborhood
    Sleeping late

    Happy anniversary to you and Ray!

  2. Happy Anniversary, Barbara! Sending love. xoxo

  3. Happy anniversary!

    What are you reading lately? Anything to recommend? I'm building a list again.

    My 5 things:
    Raspberry season has begun!

    Sleeping in my own bed after vacation

    Rain at night after I got too lazy to water the garden

    Coming up with a plan to tackle some of the projects that I've been itching to do (small, small increments)

    Two gorgeous warm, dry sunny summer days

  4. Happy anniversary!
    Seeing snow for the first time since I was 11.
    Angus seeing snow for the first time.
    Three days somewhere new.
    The friends I've made in this post-Hope life.
    A helpful mum.



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