Wednesday, 27 July 2011


My birthday presents from the 14th: the turtle and the pink enamelled hearts bead. 
Next is George's little shoe and Little Poppet's flower bead. 
Ray thought "girl" and bought this the day after the hospital when he had to go shopping alone: cue torrents of tears. I still waver between boy and girl. 
Then a ladybird bead; just because.

A sunny birthday adventure.

Future Ray and Barb.


The saddest (and most drugged) itteh bitteh Kitteh in the world.
Poor sweetie.

"Yes I am absolutely and utterly  f i n e  now.
Please stop fussing and go away... or at least turn up with chicken."

"So, girl cat dude, you wanna, er, like, talk about it or sumfin?"


A teapot with a view.

Perfect sweet peas in the garden.

Synchronised chomping.

A very windy cup of tea. Look closely and you can see the wind rippling the tea in the cups.

Evening light.

In the back garden the sun kisses the sky goodnight.



  1. I love your ability to take tiny moments that most of us miss and show us the beauty of them.

    Thank you for nourishing my soul today.

  2. Your photos make me want to drop everything, and jump on a plane.
    You can promise the kitteh if I come, I will come with chicken :)

  3. What a beautiful set of images! I love the windy tea cups xxx



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