Sunday, 24 July 2011

Five good things

Finishing a new shiny and being rather pleased with it. Pics soon.

Starting to switch our kittehs from over-processed cat food to a raw meat diet (in the hopes of saving Lyx's remaining teeth) and finding out that they absolutely LOVE it and will chase me around the kitchen for a bit of raw bloody chicken (held in tweezers/scissors/anything that means I don't have to touch it) as if they have been waiting for it all their lives.

Fleabay bargains.

Baby carrots growing happily in a pot (I had to pull one just to see).

Getting a grip (occasionally).

Please join in: what good things found you last week?


  1. 1. Cake batter truffles
    2. Quality time with the husband
    3. Intellectual conversations with friends
    4. Large iced butterscotch lattes
    5. Paint-based toddler art (inspired by Pinterest, which I could totally add as a sixth thing)

    Thank you for keeping up with these posts. I'm sorry I'm not better about coming round to say hello and see how you're doing. I hope you know I'm always here, always reading, always a friend.

  2. Strawberry margaritas with the last of this season's strawberries that I froze for just this purpose

    Not working at all today (I didn't even turn my computer on until nap time)—Instead we walked and played and laughed and read and visited with neighbors.

    Arriving at my friends house at 7:30 AM ready to pick berries and make jam and finding a surprise breakfast of blueberry pancakes, sausage, and fruit smoothies ready to eat!

    My first red dahlia bloomed in Henry's garden

    Swimming in the local swimming hole each evening right before dinner during the heatwave (also thankful for the AC that was made for one room but that managed to keep our whole downstairs cool)

  3. A dead mouse in the bedroom (at least it was dead!!)

    Rain on the roof (when I don't need to go out anywhere...)

    Online shopping (*cough* ssshhhh)

    Finding something among the packing that has had me stumped as to it's location (now to find the other 5,324 things still missing...)

    Friends like Barb... <3



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