Friday, 24 April 2009

The cure

Guys, guys... hey kitty cats! I have hormones and I neeeeeeed chocolate! Can you get me some pleeeeease!

"Huh? Wuh? Why don't you chew some cardboard, it's yummy!"

"Well I'm a bit busy helping dad with his overclocking at the moment... although I much prefer watching him play GTA 4..."

"Lets make a list. I'll write it down if you get some paper and we'll go shopping..."

Don't eat it all at once...

Umm... can I try some?

Todays kitten names: Sketch (boy) and Licks (girl)


  1. Love the cat names.
    You want chocolate, I'll send you See's chocolate. Email me your address please, my email is on my profile. Thank you!

  2. I LOOOOVE your jewelry- will you contact me about how I can order a necklace- will you send it to me in the US and how do we do the exchange, etc? THANKS SO MUCH! emily from stepping stones (nickwilberg at

  3. Thanks for making me laugh Barbara. I don't do that enough these days xo

  4. hahaha, that's a funny and creative post!

  5. Sketch and Licks seem to be sticking as names- is it official?

  6. Very adorable. Love to you.



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