Friday, 9 July 2010


Do you remember this post?

It was right about the time that Little Poppet left us.

It wasn't a message of hope.

I think it was a goodbye.

And that's what I'm choosing to believe.


  1. My heart aches for you. And, as much as the photographs, in this new light, bring tears to my eyes. . . they're beautiful, and I'm glad you have them. Maybe not for now, but for one day.

    ((Hugs)) honey.

  2. O my goodness..I remember that. I got chills now reading it again. I also believe this was a sign. A goodbye. A beautiful one at that.

    Hope you recieved the ultrasound pics ok.


  3. I got chills rereading it too, Barb. Holding all of you close. So pissed at the universe. Can't even express full sentences because of it.

  4. The photographs are beautiful and so heartbreaking in this new context.

  5. sad, so sad. i'm so sorry, barb. words fail. i'm sorry i can't do anything for you. i'm glad you are finding ways to remember, treasure, and communicate with your little poppet. xo

  6. I wish something so beautiful could have been "hello", not "goodbye". Still thinking of you lots and lots.

  7. Isn't it amazing that the same thing can bring hope to some and dread to others. Hugsssss my friend. I truely feel your pain. I have been thinking about you XO XO

  8. Sometimes the timing of sights and things is uncanny...Many hugs.



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