Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wonderfulness at 20w 6d

Marmaduke is perfect.

All measurements are on target.

Everything that should be present is present, in it's correct place and working properly.

He wriggled and moved and got in the way, waved and kicked, started off transverse with his head at Ray's side and finished in exactly the opposite position. He really is Magnificent.

And the fibroids. Ah the evilfibroids.

Even the fibroids were well behaved. Better than well behaved even. The one at the back of my uterus has calcified which basically means that is is dormant, hasn't changed since 12 weeks and is measuring smaller than when I was pregnant with George, it might be what's causing some discomfort when I lie on my back but nothing to worry about. And the other two, at the front (one of which was like a golf ball sticking out of my belly before) are teeny tiny insignificant and also haven't changed since 12 weeks. None of them are in the way or indenting into the uterus. Wonderfulness.

The consultant was super pleased, but then offered me an induction at 39 weeks because of my great agedness and overweightedness which adds up to a slightly higher risk of stillbirth to which I ummed and ahhed and sort of agreed to but will probably refuse if everything is ok, I can get away with it and if my nerve holds out until the end.

We tried to persuade the lovely scanogropher to let us film the ultrasound with Ray's camera but hospital policy wouldn't let us. Boo. You can see the scan picture here.

Thank you for your happy thoughts, they worked!

The sun was shining and today was a beautiful day.


  1. That is wonderful news, I'm so glad everything is going so well for you. A couple of years ago you made me a necklace through etsy - every time I wear it I'm going to send you and your little baby good vibes,

  2. This is indeed full of wonderfulness. What a bloody wonderful day it has been in babyloss world today!

  3. Good news! Wonderful to hear!!!

  4. Wonderful news Barbara...great scan. May I ask if you are still making tiny tags? Left you a message on Coriandr. xo

  5. Hooray!! 29 February may just be my favorite day ever, for so many reasons.

  6. I am so happy to hear this too!!! yay for Marmaduke!!!

  7. Oh I am just now catching up on everyones news and I am THRILLED for your amazing, wonderful news! SO very pleased that everything is travelling along well for you and your little one :) xxxxxx

  8. I go away from the interweb and all manner of lovely things happen! So thrilled for you xx



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