Sunday, 19 February 2012

Five good things

Taking my 8 year old bridesmaid (and niece-to-be) shopping for a pretty dress (and sparkly shoes, and butterfly hair slides)

Craving scrambled eggs on toast at our favourite breakfast spot and fulfilling my desire this morning.

Snowdrops flowering in the garden. Signs of (an early) spring.

Having the gold ready and waiting to make our wedding rings. (Just have to get over the nerves!)

Flutter flutter tap tap tap.

What good things found you this week? Please join in!


  1. This post.
    A new niece.
    Helping a friend in need.
    Cuddles on tap from my little man.
    Caesar salad, made using croutons from Simon's sourdough bread. Yum.


  2. Making headway on a massive work project.
    Donating 5 bags of clothes. (Notice how many of my good things lately are about getting rid of things?)
    Refrigerator and freezer stocked with food just in case.
    A bright, sunny room.
    Starting to think maybe, just maybe...

  3. Free concert and free dinner with my sis after my mum bailed on her (Rod Stewart!)

    Dad's colonoscopy after complications in hospital revealing nothing 'bad'

    A friend's and a family member's babies both arriving safely this week

    Selling some special beady pieces and finding the time to make more

    Dragonfly season :)

  4. A long weekend.

    Lots of naps on that long weekend.

    Clean bedding.

    Dark chocolate with sea salt.

    Flutters and pops.

  5. Thinking of you always. Hope you and your neice had a fabulous day together and found the perfect dress.



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