Friday, 24 February 2012


I felt Marmaduke The Magnificent move my hand this morning whilst lying in bed. Jab jab. So I put Ray's hand to where baby had been moving on and off for at least an hour and... nothing. Not even a flutter. Not fair!

I didn't feel this much movement with George. Barely anything. I can't remember where the placenta lay but I don't think it was anterior. I try to think of the differences as good signs but nevertheless I drift back to the sadness. Sigh.

My hips huuuuuurt so badly in bed at night that sleeping is becoming more and more of a rare and precious commodity. I've lost count of the number of pillows I have piled around me (Ray is still in there somewhere, thank goodness for a king-sized bed!) but I always end up on my back, which is not where I want to be. I have a yoga ball that I sit on as much as possible and I'm swimming every week but, apart from spending money we don't have on a memory foam mattress topper, I am at a loss so any advice would be very much appreciated?

I also have an appointment on the 8th March with the obstetric physiotherapist so I'm hoping for something that will help.

Next week we reach the point where we lost George. We are halfway through now but it's not time to celebrate yet although I did insist on looking around the nursery section at a big shop as "an optimism booster". My keep-calm mantra for the week is, "this pregnancy is not that pregnancy".

I felt him move my hand!


  1. Getting there. Every day is a victory, and I am here cheering you on.

    As to the back sleeping, I have it on good authority from my doctor that it is perfectly fine s long as you can breathe. It got me to about 36 or 37 weeks before it stopped working for me. If not, perhaps one of those egg crate mattress toppers just on your side?

  2. When I had hip issues on bedrest, I laid on my left side and got a long tube pillow to put between my legs. It helped alot.

  3. Love the nickname!
    We found a memory foam mattress topper on-line (queen size) for just around 100 US dollars. I love it! My hips still hurt some as my size increases, but what a difference. I usually end up sleeping in a reclined position at some point even with the topper. And lots of "alligator death rolls" as my hubby calls them. You should see my side of the bed ... nothing but pillows and sheets in a tangle :P
    I'm so glad you felt your little guy move your hand! Seamus was shy to his daddy's touch for what seemed like forever. It's just recently, in the last trimester that he kicks and moves often enough and with force enough that daddy can feel too.

    I know next week will be emotional. You can do it. Thinking of you!

  4. Yay for big kicker Marmaduke - he is indeed magnificent!

    Thinking of you especially this coming week.

  5. A pillow between the knees worked for me, but I'm sure you've already tried that one. Hope you find something that helps.

    This week will be tough. I will be thinking of you and sending hugs.

    20 weeks. That is awesome. And yay for flutters!!! :) xx

  6. Pillow between my knees helped me. And I put a wool overlay over my mattress which helped a bit too. I'd tend to roll to my back too - I'd wedge a pillow under one side so I was on lean.

    Good luck - hope you find something that works.

    My rainbow baby moved much more than Matilda ever did - it was only in hindsight I realised her movement wasn't really normal.


  7. This post made me smile :) Hugs, dear one.

  8. Yep, pillow between the legs. But we totally lashed out (at the very end of Juilet's pregnancy mind you) for a brand new mattress. Our old one was terrible and I can't believe I put up with it for almost three full term pregnancies. Spending money on what you sleep on will always be a wise investment, especially when you have precious cargo on board.
    I love all of your updates right now. All of them.

  9. So glad to read this...Marmaduke is prepping you to stay on your toes, mumma! Also, babies do tend to recognize touch....Figlia used to do it too...she would play for me, but would quieten at someone else's touch.

    A pillow between the hips is supposed to help for SPD or pelvic girdle pain....I hope the physiotherapist can tell you more, and help you with the pain.

    Save that sleep deprivation for later!


  10. And if the movements are visible on your tummy, record it!!!

  11. I am so behind in my blog reading and commenting, but had to check in on your update. Continuing to send hope and good vibes as you creep closer

    My hips hurt terribly at night during my last pregnancy. I slept on the sofa much of the time because it allowed me to be somewhat upright (on my back), but it also helped me stay on my side because the back of the sofa supported me. (We only have one bathroom and sleeping downstairs brought me closer to that—another good thing.)

    I also had rice bags that I heated up in the microwave that helped with pain in various places.

  12. I have a large body pillow and I snuggle with the top half and put the bottom half b/t my knees. Hope you find something that works!

  13. Sorry to hear about your aches, but delighted that Marmaduke is moving and healthy and lovely. Have been thinking of you, even though I've been quiet in commenting. ((hugs))



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