Sunday, 5 February 2012

Five good things

All good things relate to pregnancy at the moment. We've been trying very hard not to get too far ahead of ourselves and punctuate many sentences with "if". But it's so hard not to believe that this little one is going to make it. We need the optimism.

Feeling movement... probably... possibly.
103 days until we get married. Whoop. Yikes.
My Mum's excitement and optimism.
Managing to control The Fear. Mostly.
Figuring out the best configuration of my many pillows to ease the aching in my hips. For a while at least.

Please join in: what good things found you last week?


  1. oh yeah!!! how did I not know you were preggo???? Looks like all is going well. I will be praying for you all. congrats mommy!

  2. Feeling Movement? Delicious! So happy for you!!

    Five for me..
    1) a cycle that was going to be cancelled turning into the best one ever. Just praying it takes.
    2) closer to John coming home
    3) Luke giving me kisses. Recognizable kisses!
    4) Warm, warm, warm weather in the middle of winter. Yahoo!!!
    5) Chicken Tortilla soup. Yum.

  3. Hearing all your good things definitely counts as one of mine. Here are the other 4:

    Checking things off the to-do list.
    Watching a video someone shot of our wedding and remembering again how special it was that my grandfather was there.
    Being able to return something for store credit without a receipt and having it come out just about even with the things I needed to buy.
    Taking a deep breath, getting my courage up, and packing a go bag. Yikes!

  4. I've had a rough few weeks with a shocking loss and a funeral involved. I have also just found out about close friends who are breaking up.
    So my five good things are
    my health
    Simon's health
    the kids' health
    a roof over our heads
    a strong marriage.
    Back to basics, but I need it this week.

  5. Love your five things.

    feeling lost today, grateful to be reminded of gratitude.

  6. Optimism and movement, both lovely things. I continue to hold so much hope for you and send it across the distance that it might feed your optimism

    Five good things:
    Homemade pizza in front of the fire
    Homemade pork and apple pizza in front of the fire
    A glorious 5+ mile run
    Playing outside in just sweaters in February
    Getting into a new book



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