Sunday, 1 May 2011

Five good things

Not right now.
I mean to say that I don't have any today; good things that is.
I mean I'm feeling a little doomy and gloomy,
I mean of course there are good things but I can't quite articulate them today.

I mean I'd still like to read about your good things. Please join in take over for a moment?

Thank you.


  1. Oh, I know the doom and gloom hon- so here are 5 good things on loaner for you.

    99% dark chocolate.
    Thinking "Oh, I have to remember to tell Barbara I had 99% dark chocolate", thinking of you, and smiling.
    Writing a letter of appreciation to my best friend only to find that she called and left a message while I was writing it.
    Risking being me with a friend and finding only acceptance in his eyes.
    Knowing that some day soon, when I can't find my good things, you will understand- and that understanding will be one of my good things.

    I love you.

  2. Hugs, burble. What's up?

    I had one massive moment this week. Chatted with and then spoke to this friend. He did not know I had been pregnant, and never came to know of CheekyBub. And when he came to know, he cried! He cried, and I cried and both of us were sobbing on the phone. He, the macho, Casanova-ish person that I have known for so many years cried! It was a record moment.

  3. Just want to send you a big hug. I'm happy to sit out this week and just sit with you.

  4. I would just like to mention one good thing this if I may?

    1. My friend, Barb.


  5. I'm here, abiding and sending love.

  6. B, I have something on my blog for you. I am not sure if you do awards and all, but in case you do, it waits on my blog.

    I hope you are feeling better this week.



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