Thursday, 7 April 2011


I hinted at our technological nightmare of late in Sunday's Five Good Things

It happened again! We were plugging a brand new second hand Blu-ray player into the TV and it broke! The TV broke! Well ok, the HDMI socket stopped working. But bloody hell.

We phoned the shop and as the TV is only 3 weeks old we could take it back for a replacement. It was 4.15 - shop closed at 6.00 - shop in nearby city 30 miles away. Nearby city that we always get lost in. Thereby ensuing a mad dash with a 50" TV shoved in the back of the car, sofa cushions piled around it and tied down with rope. Aargh! Rush hour! A mad dash around countryside shortcuts and only one wrong city turn later and we arrive with 15 minutes to spare.

We get the TV into the shop and it's plugged in and... the HDMI plug works!!!! And then it doesn't and then it does.

We finally took a more leisurely drive home, a brand new TV in the car. Phew.

Oh gods of Technology, enough already. If it wasn't enough that we are being variously bullied and ignored by the gods of Abundant Fertility and Happy Birth, you have to get in on the act? Puh-lease.

TV ordered from internet company and not delivered in the promised 2-3 days and not delivered in a promised week and actually, just not delivered at all. Three weeks to get a refund. Poo.

Ray's monitor flickering, flashing and breaking. Promised one week repair turning into three weeks and a new monitor because it couldn't be repaired. Complaint about lying toad of a salesperson. Brand new bigger better monitor, old-new monitor sold to friend. Trip to North Devon to collect new new monitor because "the courier company has been losing things" and we were sick of waiting. (Nice day out though). Phew.

Small but expensive netbook. Stopped working. Kaput. Broken. What! Taken off for repair by the very nice De.ll people.

USB dvd drive. Broken.

USB cards (2) knackered.

And then the TV not bought from a crappy internet company who lost a huge TV but bought from a real person in a real shop. Thank goodness we bought it from a real shop and didn't have to get it collected.

Right then. Listen up you idotic Technogods and listen good. Piss off and leave us alone. Mmkay? And take your stupid mates with you.

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  1. You tell em, B!!! And we'll send them packing, too!



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