Sunday, 3 April 2011

Five good things (mothering sunday edition)

Happy Mothers Day, or Mothering Sunday as it is traditionally called over here in the UK, to all of you lovely mamas, whether your children are with you or missing from their lives.

We decided not to take my Mum out this year; she never really enjoys it, everywhere is too noisy and too crowded, prices are put up especially and service isn't good. So I made veggie lasagne with garlic bread and salad and bought a home-made Victoria sponge from a farm on Dartmoor. Both our Mums got freshly cut daffodils from our garden. (Must show you photos of all the forget-me-knots that finally flowered this year).

I had a few pangs of, "it should be me" but for the most part it was a lovely day.

So, five good things from the last week:

My Mum. Who supports us beyond anything we can ever thank her for, who loves Ray as if he were her own son, who cooks chicken for our kittehs just because, whose love for my Dad "in sickness and in health" is an inspiration. Today and every day.

Ray's mum. Who sat with me when they bought George back for a final goodbye. Who wanted to see her grandson and remarked on his long legs. Who told me I was "a world of good for Ray".

Ray's all clear.

TV/monitor/conflict/flickering/stress/cables/repairs/complaints about lying salesperson/apologies/exasperation/purchase of new bigger/better monitor/sale of old-replaced-with-new monitor - over and done with.

An adventure to the north coast. Wide beaches. Big waves. Sea mist. Breathing space.

Please join in. What good things found you last week?


  1. barb, i didn't realize it was mothering sunday today. i just now put up the page for the swap i'm organizing for u.s. mother's day. i'm sorry i missed the u.k. date - we are definitely on different schedules this year. thinking of you lots. i too am often the daughter on mother's day. it can be lovely - just different.

    five things:
    pizza cooked on top of wood stove
    less than 2 weeks til vacation
    house reasonably clean
    dinner and a show with my man last night
    new bathing suit in which i do not look frightful


  2. Thinking of all the mums today- especially George and Little Poppet's.

    My good things:
    Nasty auditors gone from the hospital
    My grandmother's laugh
    Cooking a good dinner
    New library books
    Warmer weather- finally.

  3. Meeting another babyloss mama face to face this week and really hitting it off.
    I can't say having a cold, but the chicken soup I made to try and clear the cold was pretty damn good.
    Planting winter veggies. There has to be some good come out of the change of season.
    Dark chocolate.
    Reading this post. Happy Mother's Day to one of the bravest mothers I know.

  4. It is you, sweetie... Not the way any of us want it to be, but you are a mum too... Thinking of you and sending love.

  5. I'm a day late, as it is now Monday afternoon, but I still wanted to acknowledge a wonderful mother on a special day. You are quite wonderful and a beautiful mom to George and Little Poppet.

    1. A lovely (as lovely as it can be) birthday anniversary for our George
    2. Reading lovely thoughts and wishes from friends and family
    3. Warm weather
    4. Playing with my nieces
    5. My husband, who is always on my list.

  6. Am so glad you had a good time on Mother's Day.

    Your mother and MIL, both of them sound wonderful. And am glad Ray is 'all clear'.

    My good things:

    Noticing that GP had prominent and about 6 that were tiny.

    Birdman telling me that my hair smelled good. It was an intimate moment, and I haven't felt that nice in a while.

    Noticing the whole range of flowers and frolicking colours in a garden (of the institute where my research guide sits).

    Figuring out something that I wanted to add to Kaiser's register (notebook).

  7. I have missed you while on my hiatus from blogland. I have missed your neverending positive outlook. You are far and away one of my favourite bloggers. You are my good thing today.




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