Sunday, 24 April 2011

Five good things

A gift for us from my Mum

Sally's good news email.

Ray's brother's son arriving safely... nephew. Good news but also really difficult news. We haven't seen him yet.

Finding bluebells we didn't plant in the garden.

A lovely sunny day out castle hopping in Wales.


  1. oh, i hear you on the difficult news~yesterday, Levi's birthday~my daughter's friend had a baby boy..wishing you a happy week..xoxo

  2. Castle hopping in Wales? Really? That sounds wonderful.

    My good things:
    An unexpected visit from our nephew
    Avoiding an anticipated run-in with an ex
    3 new books on reserve at the library
    Warm weather, finally
    Cleaning out my closet

  3. Well, Congratulations on the safe arrival of your nephew. I know it is hard, but I also know you are very loving people.

    Sally as in Hope's Mama? What good news? Tell me now, or I will tickle you to death. Seriously! ;-)

    DH had gone back to a store to pay for a thing he bought but was not included in the bill. Last week, when we went, the billing boy recognized him and flashed us a big smile.

    My Adenium (GP) is blooming....a record number of flowers. Before this, there had been a total two flowers. This time, there are seven flowers! My other Adenium died though.

    My mother stocked up on produce, cleaned our bathroom and brought me a book of Manache Shloka. All three are very appreciated.

    I did well in a workshop recently held.

    I had a haircut after 2009 and copper streaks! (Last Wednesday)

  4. I understand completely the joy and difficulty of a new family member (especially of the same gender). Much love to you.

  5. Oooh, you're a good sort you are.

    I'll list my five as:
    My own good news.
    Five days away from home over Easter.
    Happy baby, happy parents.
    More fresh food from our garden and friends garden that we're turning in to a meal tonight.
    Coming back from five days away and already having the washing and unpacking done.


  6. OK, I now KNOW the good news. You can COME OUT of hiding...won't tickle you to death now.



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