Tuesday, 27 April 2010


We had a new bed delivered today. It's fluffy and bouncy, springy and enormous and I think I need a stool to climb up into it!

And do you know what? I miss our old sagging, creaking, back achingly uncomfortable budget bed that was mine before it was ours already.

We made "us" in it and we made George in it.


  1. Oh....this just reminds me that everything...EVERYTHING is bittersweet. Some people can't get that, but trust me, some can. (Sadly) I'm excited for a big, fluffy bed (love those!) but lifting you up as you miss your memories. xoxo

  2. hello stranger..hope you are ok.
    why dont you keep your old matress as well as the new one... the old one where George was made with love and the new one for a gorgeous rainbow who will also be made with much love... ;-)

  3. Strange... I just went through the same thing last week. Don't know what to do with the old bed either.

  4. It isn't fair that something like buying a new bed should be a cause of sadness - a sucky bit if "the new normal".

    I understand *completely* the connection to the old bed - totally.

    I hope the new bed lives up to all it's luxurious promise.

  5. oh i did the same thing when we got a new car. i cried and cried and cried for days.
    i couldn't stand the thought of getting rid of our old one.
    sometimes change isn't as good as a holiday!

  6. oh boy. :( this is a sad one. why does this loss have to touch evvvverything? now, personally i avoided this one, as my girl was conceived either a) in a hotel room or b) on our crappy, uncomfy couch, depending on when we count from. but still... we are moving soon and the goodbye to this space where it all happened will be bittersweet. thinking of you, barb. xo

  7. Did the same with our car. I hope you can make a new baby in your new bed. Or where ever it takes your fancy for that matter!!

  8. I know exactly what you mean. I felt so sad watching a friend and his college bound daughter load up our old bed and take it away. Then a few months later I was even more saddened when we moved out of our house.

    Thinking of you...

  9. Your attachment to your old bed is so understandable. Here's to the new one! xx

  10. I want to hug you. Your love is so beautiful.



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