Thursday, 15 April 2010

Days like these

There are days, sometimes quite a few, when I give in to superstitious thinking and believe wholeheartedly that the universe really doesn't want us to have a living child.

On sunday my Mum went into hospital (first ride for me in an ambulance). She recently developed asthma and on sunday had a pretty horrid episode. 5 days later she's home and feeling much much better. It was scary and stressful to say the least.

My Dad has alzheimers, albeit fairly mild at the moment, and needs some support. And company. So I have been staying with him. They have a one bedroom flat and I started off on a camp bed in the living room. Oh hell it creeeeak creak creaked all night long, so the next night I artfully arranged the sofa cushions (feather filled, very posh) in a line, placed a rug over them, followed by the camp bed mattress, a folded duvet and a sheet. It was at least a foot high and I think I started getting this ready at about 9.30. I slept better. But that probably had more to do with knowing that my Mum wasn't on a ventilator and/or dying. 

Oh yes, and no internet connection and fruitless attempts to hack into the hotel next door's wifi = aaaaargh!

4 nights away from my Poppet!

Two weeks after we got together he had pretty much moved in and since then the only times we have been apart have been my hospital stays during my pregnancy and after losing George. Even though we don't live far from my parents and Ray has been with us for visiting and dinner, it has been really difficult to be apart.

The neatness of my Mums hospital stay coinciding with my 4 most fertile days this month is... ahhh... whatever. I won't be pregnant this month but my Mum is fine and I spent some nice time with my Dad.

I missed you folks too.


  1. Oh Barb, I was so worried about you. Email forthcoming.
    I'm so glad your mum is ok, but I'm sorry (again) this is not your month.

  2. I'm glad your mum is on the mend.

    I'm so sorry that your chances for George's sibling were scuppered. I think all of us here want to shake our fist at the universe and tell it that it knows NOTHING.

  3. Oh Barb, so glad your Mum is ok for now...having parents get sick is so hard and scary. xoxo

  4. Barbara, i kept thinking of you, searching the dashboard to see if i had accidently 'missed' your post!
    So glad that your mum is better, and so sweet of you to stay with your dad.
    It's hard when you miss the chance to try when you are ovulating,just think though honey, only 3 more weeks and you can try again.... me, im still petryfied although 'i think' i would like to.
    hugs to you xxx

  5. you are such a good and lovely daughter, Barb. fingers crossed for you next month

  6. Glad to hear you mom is ok - thinking of you and sending love.

  7. So glad your mum is okay. That must have been terrifying and the very word 'ventilator' sends a shiver down my spine.

    Come on now universe, get with the program!

  8. Thank you all, dear friends, for your lovely messages of support!

    My Mum is just fine and now remembering to use her inhaler at the right time... ahem.


  9. There you are- I am so sorry to hear why you've been MIA, but glad that all is well with your mum now. I'll send you an email with much more, but I am hereby posting for all the world to see that this is the LAST time the universe is allowed to mess with one of your cycles. Got that, Universe?

  10. So glad to hear your mum is doing well & you got to spend some precious time with your dad! So sorry this month may not be your month, but I'm keeping all toes, fingers & eyes crossed for you! I'll chance looking like a fool if it means the universe will finally cooperate! GOT THAT, UNIVERSE???!!!!
    Sending much love to you!

  11. Glad to hear everything is ok.

    Sorry this month won't be it. :(



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