Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Kitteh update

Thank you dear kitteh experts out there for your support and help (and dearest non-kitteh expert for your support always!)

Just hearing that some of you have dealt with similar situations put my mind at ease and convinced me that we'd sort out our feline's freakiness.

That's what I love about this community; you hold me up when I'm sagging under the weight of grief, offer advice on babymaking technicalities (well some of the technicalities!), laugh with me at my attempts at cooking, cheer my on when I start making memory jewellery, marvel at our garden or our adventures, and jump in with kitteh psychology and sympathy when I'm at a loss. Thank you. I can't say it enough. Thank you.

I hope one day to be asking for mothering advice. I hope.

The cats were kept apart yesterday and much of this morning, with a couple of incidents needing scruffing (painless and easy) and this morning both sat on opposite ends of the bed for a while. (yay)

There was some hissing and staring and general standffishness which tapered off through the afternoon with plenty of distracting play (laser pens are great) until finally this evening Sketch was grooming himself and Lyx walked up to him and shoved her head in his way which is her indelicate way of asking for some grooming and quite possibly saying "I forgive you let's be friends". Sketch isn't being quite so dominant and finally we have PEACE! Hopefully it will last!

HUGE sigh of relief from us.

And two kittehs snuggling up with us on the sofa....

And I almost added as it should be; but of course it's not how it should be at all.


  1. Little kittehs in our house would be squeaky toys for the pups (although I think that wouldn't last long because both dogs are chickens and the second they got swiped good and strong they'd back off...) and an instant sneeze recipe for me, but I do love them! They are adorable. Glad your two are remembering that they do like each other!

    And how your last line made me hurt for you...because I've thought that before and know you are so, so right.

  2. Sorry I had no kitteh advice. Been a long while since I've had cats.
    And I continue to wish that you were snuggling with George on the couch. Or, with a big, brand new bump. I keep sending hope, love and luck.

  3. Always glad to send support and no help whatsoever ;)

  4. You have been on my mind lately. I wear the Akul pendant with love and pride and run my finger on his engraved name so many times a day. Each time I think of you and George. I so wish our boys were here with us...

  5. oh I am so happy to hear that the dear kittehs have made peace with eachother. It broke my heart though, the way that last line really resonated with me. Thinking of you

  6. Oh those kittehs! I have one insane cat and an even more mad dog. Dog loves cat. Cat hates dog. Dog brings cat gifts of old socks or broken toys. Cat hisses and scatches dog. Cat small and furry. Dog an enormous Golden Retriever. Cat will always wear the pants. Dog will need anxiety medication for the unrequited love...

    Send you love and vibes and thinking of you.


  7. Hope they are peaceful now!



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