Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Small victories

Actually it feels like a huge victory.

I've been swimming for the second time this pregnancy and it felt ok.

When I was pregnant with George I had fantasies of floating whale-like in a state of relaxed bliss, bobbing around in the warm water. In reality it felt wrong, uncomfortable and miserable. I started bleeding again not long after leaving the pool. I was about 16 weeks along then and I remember another trip to the hospital and another scan where they couldn't find the problem, but George was fine. In hindsight, of course, something was going terribly wrong and getting wronger by the day.

Today it felt odd at first. The buoyancy of my body has changed and my bum seems to want to float out of the water now but after a while it felt ok. I swam a few lengths (no more 20 length sessions I fear!) and then my mum and I went into the warm pool and bobbed around for a while. (And of course I checked for blood the rest of the afternoon - none).

I hope to carry on swimming. I hope to carry on being pregnant.

And no, I still haven't thought of a nick-name for this little one yet and yes, we know the sex*!

Oh and I've added the floaty baby counter thing in a fit of optimism.

*I know, I'm a terrible tease!


  1. Seeing the baby counter on your sidebar made me cry! (Happy tears, I promise!) I love the good news, and I ADORE that you're swimming and loving it.

  2. So glad you enjoyed your swim! And I LOVE seeing the floaty baby counter thing. Grow little brother or sister (please do tell!) grow! xo

  3. such wonderful news, Barbara! I'm so happy for you!

  4. You are a horrible tease!!!!! :)

  5. You are a tease, but totally entitled!!! Boy or girl...very loved and highly anticipated!!!! xoxo

  6. omg! just saw your marvellous news! I'm am beaming from ear to ear for you, so happy. You made me a necklace once, and I keep checking your blog - can't believe I missed this!
    I'll be keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for you both, look after yourself.

  7. Oh Barb! I am so happy and excited for you!!!



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