Sunday, 14 August 2011

Five good things

Almost miraculously finding Ray's tinnitus noise maker thingy in the garden the day after he lost it whilst gardening, spent hours looking for it and made an appointment to get a new one which would have cost us money we don't have. (It was near the back door).

Keeping calm when I feel like screaming and screaming. I think this is a good thing. Maybe not so much eh?

A visit to a beautiful garden.

A letter from a friend. On paper, written in ink, with a stamp.



  1. Ok, I can join in this week. Pity party is over!
    1. Husband home for the week (five weeks actually) as I know we'll need to do some hand holding this week.
    2. Mum mopping my floor.
    3. Kid's birthday parties with yummy food for grown ups.
    4. People remembering my daughter, without being prompted.
    5. A NEW BED!

    Love the hand written letter. How special. They are few and far between these days. But then, you're a special lady.


  2. I can join in too, for once. :)

    1. Not getting sick this week...
    2. Managing somehow to clean my house in preparation for the weekend
    3. Keeping a secret from a dear friend/sister and making sure everyone else kept it too
    4 Successfully organising a surprise party for said sister's 40th
    5. Knowing without doubt that all the hard work I put into the build up to yesterday made her feel loved and special and appreciated. Yay me. :)

  3. I'm jealous of your letter. I love letters so. For years, I had a personal campaign to save letters as a dying art form. I may need to revive that.

    1. Picking blueberries in one of the most peaceful places I've been to.
    2. Watching K. unfolding week after week in music class.
    3. Standing in the rain cooking dinner while camping with my niece and remember just how much I loved backpacking with Brian and how much we need to find some time for ourselves.
    4. Warm blueberry muffins, hot coffee, and time to finish a book.
    5. Sorting and getting rid of stuff (OK, not actually out of the house yet, but in bags/boxes to go)

  4. Wow- a real letter. You are truly loved.

    1. Making plans to get away next weekend.
    2. Healthy and delicious meals yesterday.
    3. A ridiculous hiking adventure. (more ridiculous than hiking.
    4. A work colleague who may turn into a friend.
    5. Only 2 more classes to teach this year.

  5. Letters of those kind! Beautiful. Glad Ray found the lost item again.

    My good things:

    1. Hubby here for the weekend.
    2. Eating an ice-cream I have wanted for a while.
    3. My ailing uncle left the house on the weekend. He walked to the front gate. Walked!
    4. Not having to think of office politics.



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