Tuesday, 4 January 2011


We buy white toilet tissue. I insist upon it actually.

You know what I'm talking about don't you? Pink, blue, cream or green toilet rolls are utterly useless for the purpose of obsessing about your bodily secretions (please, for the love of all things hormonal tell me you know what I'm on about!)

We  I picked up cream paper by mistake. I only realised it as our items were being scanned. Hmm. Do I grab the toilet tissue, make a dash for it and switch it? Do I admit my obsession to Ray? Of course he doesn't know, why on earth would I tell him that? He copes well enough with me dipping ovulation sticks in pee but I think that some things really should remain unknown in a relationship.

I didn't change it; I stood in line trying to calculate how long 12 rolls would last and then realised that I was indeed barking mad and needed to  s t o p.

So I find myself free from the toilet tissue checking. I've also decided to hide the white knickers at the back of the drawer too and only wear purple, pink, blue and black. (Why do I have no orange knickers?)

I need another obsession, at least until we go to the supermarket again.

ps, this does not mean I am pregnant, I don't think I will ever joke about knicker checking in pregnancy again.


  1. LOL... You arent alone. We only buy white too.

  2. confession: many days i avoid the obsessive knicker-checking by... not wearing any knickers. oy. xo

  3. ah, talking about toilet paper does kinda take the romance out of it, doesn't it?

    Here's to new obsessions for the New Year

    Speaking of which, I finally peaked at Triple S' present (he hasn't gotten it yet) and it is PERFECT!!!! I love it and I can't wait for him to open it. Thanks xoxo

  4. I know what you're on about. It's so ingrained in me that even though I am not TTC, I still buy white and still check ... it's a tough habit to break.

  5. Sometime this year my husband got toilet paper with pink flowers on it. I didn't realise - he'd just gotten it and put a roll on the toilet holder late at night. It was probably during a 2WW or something, so he had the joy of being woken with me crying. I didn't realise it wasn't AF (yet - it was not long after), but he'll never get non-while toilet paper again! How can they even manufacure it?!?

  6. Holy crap I didn't know they still made tp with colors on it. I thought that was supposed to be bad for the lady parts? Or maybe that's an old wives tale. I'm quite positive that if the color was an option, I would be just as obsessive about the white stuff too.

  7. I know exactly what you mean Barbara! Aftergetting my 1st period in the yr 2011 yesterday im off to buy the darkest toilet paper ever because seeing red just hurts so damn much!! sending you love, always xxx



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