Thursday, 10 May 2012

31 weeks

There are only 9 days until we get married.

Marmaduke is kicking the laptop as I type. He has been belting the hell out of my internal ladyparts the last few days and making me squeak. I swear he hit the chair under me last night. Hopefully he won't make me squeak and clutch my pubic area during the ceremony.

Ray showed me a speech he had written for our wedding.  He wasn't going to make a speech; my Dad can't make a speech and Ray's best man would probably run a mile if he even knew he was best man and not just Ray's "witness" so we had delegated that honour to his step-dad, a natural born speech-maker. I think taking the pressure off has made it easier for Ray and he decided he would write one.

He wrote it while I was wallowing at the swimming pool (bliss) and handed it to me after he bought me home. I read it and burst into tears. "Why did you give me this when I'm a hormonal tired wreck waaaaa". He wrote some lovely things. I will probably blog it as I bore you to death with our wedding photos.

I burst into tears the other day too. Because I was breathless, sore and aching and just couldn't get comfortable and I SO very much needed an afternoon nap.

Nobody mentions that hugswithabump are a bit awkward.

I almost did it again when one of Ray's family gave us some hand knitted jackets and a hooded towel.

I think our wedding might get a bit emotional and I'm not sure that my mascara is waterproof.


  1. Oh goodness, I so wish I could be there. To see you get married to your one true love, and to rub that magnificent Marmaduke bump.

  2. Bore us with wedding photos? Impossible! I want to see them ALL. Sending virtual hugs and wishing they were real ones.

  3. Yay. So looking forward to seeing all your photos (Alice Cooper eyes or not!). Wishing you a wonderful, wonderful day.

  4. Wedding photos!!! Can't wait!!! Xxx Rachael

  5. I guess I haven't been on your blog for at least 31 weeks!

    Congrats - on getting pregnant and getting married. Exciting times. Stressful times. Will be watching for photos...

  6. Definitely not boring!!! Bring it on. :)

  7. Good luck and congratulations on your wedding tomorrow!

  8. I just realized that where ever you are, it must already be the big day!



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