Thursday, 12 April 2012

27 weeks

I had my Glucose tolerance test yesterday. Yuk.

Hopefully I don't have GD and hopefully if I do we can control it with diet.

Marmaduke kicks more and more, seemingly all the time.

It's wonderful. It's amazing.

27 weeks! Can you believe it?! I have to keep mentally pinching myself.


  1. Oh so sweet! 27 weeks!

    Well I hope you pass your GTT.

    And remember that even if you don't, there are ways of managing it....

    Happy Bee for you. :-)

    And oh, :-))

    And well, :-)))!

  2. love this update (and hope you don't have GD)

  3. That test is nasty, to be sure- but I remember being amazed that I had made it far enough to have to take it. 27 weeks is WONDERFUL. Hooray!

  4. So thrilled...truly, few things make me smile right now more than reading "All is Good!"

    Hope the test is passed with FLYING colors!!!!

  5. Ugh, three times I've had to take that test. Never fun!
    This pregnancy is really starting to whiz by for me. Maybe not you, but it will be next to no time and Marmaduke will be safely snuggled in your arms.

  6. Yay for 27 weeks - way to go Marmaduke (and mama, of course!) Hope the GD stays away.



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