Sunday, 27 November 2011

Five good things

Must blog more often. Must blog more often. Must blog more often. Must blog more often. Must blog more often. Must blog more often. Must blog more often.Must blog more often. Must blog more often. Must blog more often. Must blog more often. Must blog more often. Must blog more often.

Seven good things:

A bargain electric blanket with dual controls.

Watching North by Northwest on the macbook in bed with the electric blanket on, a kitteh on either side and a cup of fruit tea at 9pm while Ray was out.

Car insurance for Ray sorted. Finally. And without going into debt.

Chocolate wedding cake. Oh. Yes.

Talking about moving somewhere new. Maybe this time next year.

Ray's wedding "jokes" eg. "I expect all my washing to be done for me when we're married you know..."

Crystallised ginger.

Please join in: what good things found you last week?


  1. Chocolate wedding cake is the best! (I had triple chocolate ganache for mine—yum!)

    1. Love, love, love Thanksgiving night—oh, how we laugh
    2. Dancing with my husband at a wedding and feeling like us again
    3. Getting most of my Christmas shopping done
    4. Finding a new mystery series that I think I'm going to like
    5. Dark chocolate and coffee in the
    6. Coffee hour with my neighbor-friend
    7. Peppermint stick ice cream (my Thanksgiving to New Year's treat)

  2. 1. Time with family for Thanksgiving
    2. Healthy habits through the (normally excessive) holiday
    3. A toddler in Christmas jammies
    4. Finishing NaNoWriMo
    5. A concert with a good friend

  3. A relaxing Thanksgiving at home with Alan and NO turkey.
    A movie date.
    Not having to work this weekend.
    Finding out that the library will take all our used books as a donation.
    Getting enough sleep!

  4. Thanksgiving with family rarely seen.
    Mild weather during our Thanksgiving visit to a cold climate.
    Deeeelicious food!
    Getting our dogs back after being away!
    Lazy time on the couch with a snuggly puppy on my lap!

  5. Your good things are great! Chocolate cake...mmmm...

    My five good things this week:

    1. Helping my FIL learn a bit of net surfing...and he saying he was able to understand it.

    2. My mum's expression as she came down the stairs to see her birthday cake set on the table (surprise)

    3. A fab prawn pickle my aunt sent me on my request.

    4. Just feeling the baby move...knead, roll, bang my interiors.

    5. Having a normal conversation with Z- over CBub. Him referring to the girl in the pic as the baby. Asking where she was and taking it as a normal answer that she was with God. But he did not flinch and didn't need to know anymore.

  6. A lovely weekend away with four other lovely couples. 10 adults, nine kids and lots of fun. Good to feel almost 100 per cent happy for a change. That takes up my top five.



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