Thursday, 4 November 2010


Dearest Danielle.

I have been thinking about you and Alan all day.

Thinking about your son Kai on his day.

And missing him with you.

Thinking about how glad I am to know you and how I wished I didn't.

Hoping that you can pick up the frayed threads and make something new and beautiful with them.

Sending great heaps of love your way.

And lights in the darkness.


  1. Dani has been on my mind all day also, for so many reasons. What a lovely post for Kai.
    Remembering and loving you, Kai.
    Sending love to Dani and Alan.
    You're a good friend to have, Barb.

  2. You ARE a good friend to have, Barbara. The lights are lovely- and knowing that you lit them makes them lovelier still. So grateful for you. xoxo



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